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We have recently redesigned our website and as well as our blog. Because of this the URL of our RSS feed has changed. If you wish to subscribe to our RSS feed in the future, please subscribe to the new URL.

Using Java Mission Control for performance monitoring

This blog post intends to give some insight into what the monitoring and diagnostics tool Oracle Java Mission Control (JMC) is and how it can be used to investigate Java application performance. There is already a lot of very good writings available about this subject like this or this one. This post aims to be more practical presentation. In this post we’ll be connecting JMC to instance of SampleConsoleServer running on a remote host. Then we will log some runtime data with Java Flight Recorder and analyze it with Java Mission Control. Continue reading

Stay up to date with Prosys OPC Blog & Forum

I am delighted to be the first one to post into the brand new Prosys OPC Blog!

Our experts are thrilled to publish their first articles about OPC & OPC UA technologies. In the near future, you will be reading an extremely interesting post by Otso Palonen about OPC UA Android development, from which we have had loads of inquiries during the past 6 months. Our head of Software Development, Jouni Aro, will guide you to the secrets of handling various issues you face when developing your OPC UA servers or clients.

We have also opened Prosys OPC Support Forums today. Please do not hesitate to start discussions about the topics you find interesting, or ask our specialists if you find yourself in trouble with OPC or OPC UA technology, or our products. There are support sections for each of our OPC & OPC UA products, sections for OPC, OPC UA and Gateway technology, and a General discussion section in which you can discuss about more general topics. You can find a link to Forums in the header of this page, below “Prosys Blog”.

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I hope you will enjoy our blog and support forums. If there’s some particular topic you would find interesting to read about, please let us know.