Simulation Server Beta

Prosys OPC UA Java Server has gone through major rework/development to become Prosys OPC UA Simulation Server.status

Prosys OPC UA Simulation Server is designed to be a program assisting the development of client applications. It provides a test server with configurable simulation signals and options to configure common OPC UA server settings.


If you want to test the beta version of the Simulation Server, send a request to

The application enables users to configure endpoints and certificates. It lists the currently active Sessions in the Sessions page. The Connection Log page provides history about client communication. The Address Space page displays client-like view of the server address space.

Under the hood

The application is built on top of the old server so it also contains all functionality that our SampleConsoleServer (the one you get if you download our SDK) provides.

The installers are created with JavaFX’s native bundling by embedding the JRE to the bundle. The result is that no Java installation is necessary as it uses it’s own private JRE. Bundles are for windows, mac and linux.

JavaFX Issues

Because some bugfixes for JavaFX2 are only made to JavaFX8, there might be something which cannot be fixed until Java(FX)8 is in use (will probably happen after it is released offically). Linux version might have some issues if the desktop environment has any effects on. It has been tested using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with Gnome classic as desktop with effects off. Also characters in the text might overlap eachother at some places.


In case you find an issue or have any improvement ideas, post it onto forums or add a comment below.

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