New OPC UA Applications

Three new OPC UA products were released this week: OPC UA Java Client, OPC UA Android Client and OPC UA Java Server, all of them developed with the best OPC UA SDK in the market: Prosys OPC UA Java SDK.

OPC UA Java Client is a generic OPC UA client for connecting to any OPC UA server. It implements the following three information models:

  • Data Access
  • History Access
  • Alarms & Conditions

The design of the GUI has been inspired by web browsers: connecting to server is based on server URL which is typed in the address bar. Similar to all the modern web browsers that manage different web pages with tabbed pages, Java Client manages multiple server connections in different tabs. The tools and setting icons are located near the address bar so that they can be located easily.

Below server tabs and address bar there is the actual functionality of Java Client. The most important OPC UA client element is Address Space Browser which provides access to the server address space. The GUI of the browser is implemented as a tree structure which allows you to explore the data of the server. Other functionality of Java Client is managed using another level of tabbed pages on the right side of the Address Space Browser. There are four different types of tabs: Attributes and References, Data View, History View and Event View. Attributes and References shows all the attributes and references of the node that is selected in the Address Space Browser. In Data View you can monitor unlimited number of nodes, dragged and dropped from the Address Space Browser and write new values to them (if they are Variable nodes). History View is for exploring nodes that have history data and creating charts of it. In Event View you can monitor events sent by selected node.

Prosys OPC UA Java Client

Prosys OPC UA Android Client is a generic OPC UA client running on Android operating system. You can connect to any OPC UA server over internet and explore the data of the server. Android Client consists of five screens that can be switched by swiping the touch screen. Data of the server can be explored using the Address Space Browser in which you can also select nodes to the Monitored Items List to monitor them and write new values in Variable nodes. Android Client also supports events: in the last screen you can monitor events sent by the server.

Android Client: BrowserAndroid Client: AttributesAndroid Client: Write ValueAndroid Client: Events

Prosys OPC UA Java Server is a simulation server to help you with your development projects and to test your connections. The following features are supported:

  1. Security
  2. Certificates
  3. Discovery
  4. Simulated Data
  5. Alarms & Conditions
  6. History

You can either download it and run it locally, or use internet and connect a remote server running in our premises. For running it locally you need Java SE  7.

OPC UA Java Server

Now I’m sure you are thinking “Where can I get those awesome applications?” It’s simple, just go to our download page and request evaluation editions. Enjoy!


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