Prosys OPC in IAS 2012, Shanghai

Prosys OPC attended Industrial Automation Show 2012 in Shanghai China last week. During the five-day exhibition approximately 100 000 visitors had a change to take a look what’s going on in the various fields of industrial automation, introduced by more than 500 exhibitors.

Prosys OPC was sponsoring OPC Foundation and had a corner in their booth in hall W1. OPC Foundation had done a great job by providing excellent facilities to introduce our products and services to visitors and to meet people who are interested in OPC and OPC UA technology.

For Prosys OPC this was an important step towards penetrating into Chinese markets with our OPC products and services. During the exhibition it was heard countless times that even though adoption of OPC UA is still in the very beginning in China, the future looks bright and it is just a matter of time when OPC UA really takes off. Prosys OPC is proud to stand in the front line and will do everything to help people to find out the beauty of OPC UA.

Our Android demo system was – once again – a great success: hundreds of people were introduced to our system that demonstrated the real platform independence of OPC UA. Briefly explained, we had a Beckhoff CX9001 ARM device that is running a PLC program that controls 4 “traffic lights”. OPC UA server is integrated in Beckhoff device, and by plugging the device to Internet, we can connect to the OPC UA server using our OPC UA Android client, running on a mobile phone that is using 3G connection to access Internet. In other words, you can get access and read and write PLC data using your mobile phone. People have found this interesting in European trade shows and events, but in China it seemed to be even more attractive and fresh idea and it received a lot of attention.

Demo system

In addition to hundreds of guests that visited our booth, we were honored to have very special guests in our booth during the third day of the show: Professor Sami Areva from Fudan University, Shanghai and CEO of Semat Group Ltd., Pasi Kivelä. They both have a long record on working with various fields of industrial automation both in China and in Europe.

CEO Pasi Kivelä (on the left) and Professor Sami Areva (on the right) visiting Prosys OPC booth

Our next destination is Nuremberg, Germany at the end of November. SPS/IPC/Drives takes place then and Prosys OPC will be there. If you haven’t seen our Android demo yet and happen to be around that time, you can meet us at OPC Foundation’s booth. See you there!

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